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Meet Elias

Rank: Police Officer

Office: Anson Police Department




 Elias Carrasquillo Jr. is a veteran of over 34 years of public service. Elias began his experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) for the Bedford Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corp, as a Lieutenant. He moved on to work for the New York City Fire Department and served as an EMT for 11 years and held his certification(s) for 14 years. The New York City Fire Department is the busiest entity responding to 1.5 million calls a year. Elias was part of many historical and major events. Elias provided patient care to hundreds of persons during his time with the Fire Department.

Starting Law Enforcement

Elias moved on to fulfill his long time dream of becoming a New York City Police Officer. Elias joined the New York City Police Department (NYPD). He began his career with one of the most tragic events in this nations history, the World Trade Center attacks on lower Manhattan, September 11th, 2001. His first work day inside "Ground Zero" was 30 hours with ten minute naps on a City bus sitting up shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Officers. Following the attacks, Elias was recruited, under the "flag" of the NYPD (declassified), to work with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Elias answering the call to perform his patriotic duty worked in an undercover capacity physically/intimately infiltrating and collecting intelligence on suspected terrorist groups. Elias has had the honor of meeting, learning and working with special operations personnel. Elias will bring this experience and training to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office. Elias' work was done for the love of his country and to prevent future attacks on our nation. Elias, as a result of his work, brings many resources to the Sheriff's Office and the community, that will be beneficial. 

     International Company

Elias was offered a job in South Florida as Director of Security for a major international entertainment company, C.I.E./Wannado Entertainment. This experience was very beneficial and valuable. Elias gained knowledge on budgetary matters, employee relations, payroll, day to day operations and investigations. His department was one of the most coveted in the company to work for. Elias directed and managed over 450 employees for C.I.E./Wannado Entertainment and oversaw operations involving over two thousand daily visitors in the facility. 

     Sunrise Police Department

Having a desire to return to law enforcement, Elias joined the Sunrise Police Department (SPD) in Broward County Florida. During his time with the Sunrise Police Department, he returned to undercover operations for the Vice, Intelligence, and Narcotics unit (VIN) as a primary undercover operator. Elias and the team were responsible for numerous major arrests, to include cartel members from all over the world. Elias has experience testifying in major drug cases and is responsible (through teamwork of course) for 100% convictions of all the team's cases. Upon completing his time with the VIN unit, Elias became a Master Field Training Officer (Corporal) and went on to successfully train numerous police recruits. Elias was one of the most requested training Officers and was often tasked to train Officers having a tough time retaining or understanding training. Elias managed to make Case-law on a case which has been used nationwide in defense of Officers (Nigro v. Carrasquillo). After nearly fifteen years of service Elias retired with an exemplary record. 

Start in the Big Country

Elias moved to Texas and has proudly been a Texan since "2020." Elias is married to the most beautiful Texan born and raised gal. Elias' wife is working hard to get his Texas accent going. Together they have five children who have chosen careers as a Police Officer, Marine, Prior Army, Chef and a Student. Elias often gets asked, Why did you move to Abilene of all places in Texas? He usually smiles and says, "Why not Abilene?" The people are friendly, humble, neighborly. There is integrity and respect among the people. They respect the law, and above all are Godly. Who would not want to live in a County with great people like that? As Sheriff Elias will protect the way of life here in Taylor County. Elias wouldn't change a thing about the people or traditions of the community. Elias plans to live in Taylor County Texas happily for the rest of his life.

Joining the Taylor County Sheriff's Office

Having the desire to serve the Taylor County community, Elias joined the Taylor County Sheriff's Office and initially worked with the Transport Unit until an opening became available in the Civil Division and was an exemplary Deputy. Elias was offered a position with the Anson Police Department where he is currently serving as a Police Officer.  



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