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The need for community programs

Currently and historically there are no community based interactive programs at the Sheriff's Office. Elias plans to implement interactive community based programs for the children, adults, elderly and intellectual developmentally delayed (IDD) residents of Taylor County. Elias will implement the first Taylor County's Deputy Explorer Program for Children. This consist of children of specific ages to get sworn in (mocked), wear uniforms, learn from scenario based instruction, learn basic law, perform exhibitions at special community events, college visits, court visits, meet and interact with our Deputies from different units and so much more. It is very important to reach and educate our children early. Elias believes having an interactive program(s) will expand their minds and keep them away from the dangers that lurk in the county. Historically, many Deputies/Officers, Chiefs/Sheriffs have come from these programs. Elias has mentored many youths throughout his career, often seeing them all the way to and attending their graduations. Elias' passion has always been to reach and guide todays youth. Elias will take a hands-on approach to these programs. 

Elias will implement the first Taylor County Sheriff's Citizen's Academy. The adult community can come and join us in an academy type setting (after a background check). This will consist of range days with our instructors, basic laws, crime recognition, radio operations, vehicle operations, community crime watch, first aid and so much more. The citizens of Taylor County will have a chance to physically serve the community on special events, and searching for special category missing persons. The real secret to fighting crime is involving the community. 

During his time at the Sheriff's Office Elias realized that the relationship with the community was very limited. Elias' goal is to bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement. Elias has personally participated in these programs and has seen the outcome and how it benefits the community.

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