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Major safety issues and shortages at the jail

The Taylor County Jail is a major concern. This type of work is one of the most difficult and important for the Sheriff's Office and the community. The jail staff is amazing and frankly, Elias gives them praise for even taking on this difficult task. Elias believes they need to be acknowledged and treated with respect. Not everyone can do what these amazing individuals do on a daily basis. Staffing is at an all time low and there have been numerous prisoner deaths along with a documented escape that wasn't immediately made known to the public.

The medical department is short numerous nurses. And at the time this was written the doctor that is in charge of the medical department quit. Elias believes this problem is more than just low pay. Elias has interviewed many Corrections Officers. Elias was told that morale is down because of the micromanaging. They come in to work not knowing if they will be targeted and terminated. Elias was told the briefing held prior to the start of shift consists of mild berating sessions. The shortage is a major safety concern for all members and needs to be addressed immediately. Frankly, to sum it up everyone is miserable and scared. From Elias' observations its an upper management problem, lack of leadership and training. Elias plans to immediately address this problem.


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