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Food For Thought & Conclusion

Now, Elias would like the reader or supporter to visit Ricky Bishop, Shay Bailey's or any other candidate's website (if any). Ricky Bishop's rhetoric is mirrored by Shay Bailey such as, I will fight crime, I will give raises, we owe the community, I will look into the jail situation, more hiring, etc. etc. Its cut and paste from the prior websites.

Elias has not read anything resembling an interactive program involving the community for children, adults, or special needs persons. Three terms and where are they? Elias can tell you why these programs are not in their agenda. Programs are hard work. To Elias, the title "Sheriff" means hands on hard work which he is not afraid to take on.

Elias asks the community to vote for him. He possess the experience and "know how" to initiate these programs. Elias will bring the Sheriff's Office from the "1800s" in to the 21st century. The community has to realize that we are growing. The Sheriff's Office cannot continue to patrol the community with two or three Deputies. Its just not safe for the community or its Deputies.

The real secret to fighting crime is community involvement. The community has voted in the past based on tradition. Based on a candidate growing up in the County and knowing the candidate's father, grandfather etc. etc. Elias believes this is honorable and understands why this happens. But being born and raised in the County does not automatically qualify a candidate to manage a law enforcement agency. The community needs to base voting on a qualified candidate. Three (3) terms and where are the results? 

Elias thanks the community in advance for their votes and "Giving Change a Chance."

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