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Employee retention problems at the Sheriff's Office

During Elias' time at the Sheriff's office (May 2020 to March 2023), and being retired, all Elias wanted  was to work Monday through Friday, with holidays and weekends off. 

At about Elias' second year he began to listen to the men and women speak about how stale, stagnant and unchallenged they felt at the Sheriff's Office. Because of his passion for public service It began to fester and bother him. Elias saw that the camaraderie was not there among the troops. The treatment of the employees is one ruled by intimidation and fear. No one seems happy to be there (His personal observation). Elias was warned early on that there is a saying the Sheriff's Office goes by, "This is the way we've always done it." Elias was told no one is allowed to approach the Sheriff with opinions or ideas because most likely you will be terminated. Elias has personally seen good workers terminated or resign for having opinions.

Elias see's the potential for changes and how great the Sheriff's Office can be. Elias envisioned how the Taylor County Sheriff's Office could be the best, not only in the County, but in Texas. Infighting began within himself about running for Office. Elias took it up in prayer and acknowledged God as the scriptures say to do. God immediately began opening doors. Its amazing how the community embraced Elias' platform, and expressed the desire for change. Elias began speaking to individuals and groups about the changes he would implement. Elias has been told numerous times how they feel hope with his ideas and how much change is needed. Elias has been told this not only by the community, but also the men and women of the Sheriff's Office. A large percentage of the men and women of the Sheriff's Office, which includes the Jail staff, support Elias' platform and are starving for change.

We can raise the pay all we want, we will continue to lose personnel. This is because its NOT about the pay, its about being a "Servant Leader." Put your personnel and their needs first in order to effectively do their jobs and get the community involved. With good treatment, fairness, initiatives, programs, and actual movement within units will bring morale up. Elias knows exactly how to make this happen.

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