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Many do not realize the stress(ors) that our dispatchers go through. At the time this was written the Taylor County Sheriff's Office was short 17 dispatchers. In the almost 3 years Elias worked there he observed that there was no urgency to fill these spots. Elias observed the dispatchers to be over-worked and stressed. Elias was employed at the time the Sheriff's Office terminated a 19 year veteran and supervising dispatcher. In my opinion one of the best. Again, its the departments way or the highway. Dispatchers go through the same stress(ors) law enforcement officers experience. Often times they don't get closure on stressful calls they handle. Their stress(ors) are often overlooked because they sit in an office area away from the emergency call.

Dispatchers often provide guidance, comfort and care to victims. Dispatchers provide medical instruction when there is an emergency medical situation. Law enforcement rely on the life saving information they get from our amazing dispatchers. They are tasked with many other miscellaneous tasks. Elias plans to look into this matter by aggressively initiating a recruitment drive, provide better working conditions and counseling when necessary. 

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